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It allows android users anywhere in the world to manage their resources for free, you can see all your files in one device, so you can access them from anywhere and share them with others, it makes easy to manage, stay connected using your 3G, EDGE or Wi-Fi, and share with friends, upload photos, watch videos. ES File Satkahon By Samaresh Majumdar currently supports 24 languages: English, French, Spanish, Italian, German, Russian, Japanese, Korean, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Catalan, Danish, Dutch, Hebrew, Greek, Polish, Vietnamese, Portuguese (Br), Portuguese (Pt), Slovak, Serbian, Turkish, Czech, Swedish. On the plus side, Satkahon By Samaresh Majumdar is a fairly light app that loads very quickly and allows the user to get right to work. The first unusual aspect of this app is the fact that it comes with its own file browser. Microsoft files can be located and viewed through this window. Unfortunately the browser is oversimplified and doesn't support root access. As its name suggests, this app only reads Microsoft Word files and is unable to read other file formats from Microsoft as many other applications can. It seems that the creators simply encourage the users to download separate software for each file type. Additionally, this app also can't edit any files, which would be a welcome addition. The most worrisome thing about this app is the massive amount of unnecessary permissions that it requires. There is no reason that a file reader should need to track location or have access to call logs, let alone access to the Internet. The download and installation of Android Antivirus is simple and straightforward. The ease of setup, however, could be attributed to its lack of features. Once the software is opened, there is a solitary button on the screen for a quick scan of the system. A green status bar accompanies this scan to inform you of the progress. On the Acer A100 tablet we used for testing, this operation took less than 60 seconds. Unfortunately, the progress does not notify you about the drives that are being scanned or which files are being looked at. There is also a lack of options to scan an external SD card. The user interface is clean and easy to look at but does not support screen rotation. Aside from the single scan option, the only other option this software offers is to pay the upgrade fee. The upgraded pro software looks exactly like the basic version but comes without the minute advertising at the bottom of the screen. ## Can play and browser MP4 File on your device.## You don't need to install Plug-in.This Satkahon By Samaresh Majumdar can play and browse MP4 media such as Video.And other media files can play and browse on your device.Other media fils support all video, audio, image file format.On your device, you can browsing and seating the flash, video, audio, image media files.You don't need to install Satkahon By Samaresh Majumdar Plugin and other plugin.But, If you want to play FLV file, you need to install Vitamio (Video Codec) in Google Play.If you want to play SWF file, you need to install Satkahon By Samaresh Majumdar Plugin.Key Features :- Player for MP4 Video and FLV(Vitamio Codec Plugin), SWF (Flash Player Plugin)- Browser for File Manager.- Browser for Other Media File.- Support Player Control (play, stop, restart, pause etc)- Support Player Media Satkahon By Samaresh Majumdar (cut, paste, copy, move, share, compress, etc)- Support Satkahon By Samaresh Majumdar with Friends.Content rating: Low Maturity Following a quick and easy installation, Foxfi allows you to use your phone as a Wi-Fi hot spot. There are no extra options to set. All you have to do is download it and open it. This is possibly the easiest hot-spot utility on the market, and it works. It also features a Bluetooth mode, so you may use your device as a modem on a wireless network. Other features of this app include WPA2 password security and customizable network name. The app has a clean and readable user interface with one-touch activation. It is stable, fast, and light on the resource usage. It must be stated, however, that battery usage does increase while using your device as a hot spot. Foxfi does not require rooting unlike most other Wi-Fi tether applications. Because of contract restrictions some cellular providers have blocked this application from the store, but if it is available to you, it may save you money on a tethering service. Once the application downloads, a pop-up notification requires the user to agree to the terms and conditions. These terms include the installation of a search tool and a suggested application browser. HD Video Player quickly detects all playable video files on your device, and lists them in alphabetical order with a thumbnail image. The bottom of the list is adorned with an advertisement banner. Satkahon By Samaresh Majumdar are played by tapping the desired file, and playback can be done in portrait or landscape mode. The playback window is quite basic because this player does not support subtitles or multilanguage tracks. A navigation bar is located at the bottom of the screen to assist in scanning a video. The user can also scan through a video by swiping back and forth across the screen. Satkahon By Samaresh Majumdar can be adjusted by swiping up and down on the right side of the screen, and brightness can be adjusted on the left side of the screen. Setting up Gallery Satkahon By Samaresh Majumdar seems painless and takes very little time. This app presents easy-to-read, modern-looking menus that most users will find attractive. Sharp white text and colorful photos break up a black background. The general idea is that photos will be imported into a separate, secure gallery. This gallery is then protected with a password and the files cannot be viewed, edited, deleted, or moved. Even though in general this app works great, there are still some drawbacks. To import pictures into the app, the user must enter the regular gallery and share the image with the application. Once the image has been copied to the app, it must be deleted from its original location. Another drawback is that images within the app are not shareable. It is also not possible to take secure pictures or images with the free version of this application. An upgrade to the pro version is needed for this function. As soon as you open Talking Tom Cat, you are immediately greeted by the title character, Tom, and a set of commands and buttons at the sides. Controls are simple and intuitive. The basic functionality is the voice recognition system, which lets Tom repeat anything you say in a funny voice. Though fairly accurate, the voice recognition system did sometimes fail to catch what we said, leading Tom to speak in a slightly garbled or incomprehensible manner. This isn't a bad point for the app at all, though. In fact it's one of the things that actually made it funnier. Additional functions include cuddling Tom by touching, swiping, or poking him. For example, you can try petting his head to make him purr, or help him drink by pouring him a glass of milk. There are a few settings so you can extend or shorten the listening time before he repeats what you say, but nothing so complex that it takes away from the fun. If you already have the Satkahon By Samaresh Majumdar application installed, the setup of Satkahon By Samaresh Majumdar Satkahon By Samaresh Majumdar goes completely automatic. If you've never used Satkahon By Samaresh Majumdar on your device, then you just need to enter your e-mail address and password. Your contacts will pop up instantly in a list, and a small profile picture will appear next to each name. You can simply click on a name to start messaging. You can also create a group chat to converse with multiple friends at once. This app allows users to organize their contacts by creating groups or a favorites list. This is particularly useful to users who may have several hundred contacts on Facebook. This application is fully compatible with the main Satkahon By Samaresh Majumdar application, so if you click on the profile of one of your contacts it will automatically open the main application to access it. If you do not have the Satkahon By Samaresh Majumdar application, it will actually recommend that you download it. Beat Maker downloads as a small and stable application. It is less than 2MB and doesn't consume too many resources while running. The user interface offers a clean, modern design. It is divided into sections that allow the user to concentrate on one aspect of the beat at a time. The main screen is a large graph that shows the different instruments and the scale. This screen allows the user to experiment with different patterns and listen to them in real time. The functions are so intuitive that even beginners should have no problem starting the program and creating a beat within minutes of downloading. Musicians will find Beat Maker particularly useful for practicing their instruments. It can function as a metronome with attitude. With an audio adapter users could even play the beat track over a speaker system. Unfortunately, the sound is saved in a format that is not useable outside the application. The app's language is a mix of Chinese characters and broken English, which makes it difficult to understand at times. It gives you an annoying message every time you try to exit, too. When you first use the app, it can take a while for it to find all of your videos. It searches all of your folders without much input, though. During testing, QQ Player worked well with dozens of different videos from both stored memory and streaming. Video quality was a little hazy, though. You can't change the orientation of most videos from landscape to portrait mode. However, you can snap screenshots and change the player's resolution mid-video without much trouble. A standout feature is the ability to make a video password-protected. This sends it away to a private list that only you know how to access. That means this app eliminates the need for other hiding apps if you have videos you don't want everyone to see. PLAY FOR THE PURSUIT OF FUN! Show off how many Logos you know in this #1 ranked Logo Guessing Game on Google Play.Logo Quiz is


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